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In Trend History

The company «In Trend» was founded in 2013. It united a team of experienced professionals who have won a solid reputation in the medical and pharmaceutical world.

The creative union of professionals aims to meet the demands of both direct customers and the final target audience within a specific project. Due to the skills acquired over the years, personal contacts and a vast knowledge of the industry, our team provides a full range of services in the following areas:

- Publishing activities.

The publication of a scientific periodical magazine "Tuberculosis and socially significant diseases", scientific manuals and guidelines, collections of articles, as well as a full range of publishing and printing services (design, text editing and image printing of any complexity).

- Exhibitional activities.

Organization of scientific and practical events from start to finish.

The main principles of «In Trend» - extreme attention to the client, taking into account the smallest customer requirements and strict compliance with the corporate culture and financial requirements of each client. Flexibility and loyalty - that is the main component of our work.